Display Text

Since the project has been created, we will continue by editing scenarios.

Let’s begin with one of the fundamentals, displaying text.


Editing scenarios

First, open the excel file for the scenario.

Select the start sheet. The start sheet is the scenario which is executed when the ‘new game’ option is selected within the game

Edit the ‘text’ column. By adding rows, you can add as much text as you like.

Importing scenarios

When you have finished editing, save the Excel file using the ‘save’ function

The scenario data will be imported automatically when you return to Unity after updating the excel file,
Output results appear in the console window when date is imported. If there are any errors in the scenario description, they are displayed here.

Executing scenarios

Since the scenario has been updated, let’s check the execution results. Play the scene to see how it turns out.

You should find that the text has changed to the text that you described in Excel.

Let’s try changing the text color

The text color can be changed using the <color> tag.
In the scenario file, try writing:

<color=red> Change the text color. </color>

You can do various things with text apart from color settings, such as changing the text size and using emoji. For details, please check テキストタグ.

This is the end of the text display tutorial.