Play Sound

We’ll try making sounds, such as BGM and character voices.

Importing sound files

First, import sound files in the Unity editor.

We’ve prepared some test material, so try using that.
Supported formats include wav, ogg, and mp3.

There are four sound patterns, BGM, Ambience, SE, and Voice.
Import each one into its respective folder under Resources/Project Name/Sound.
You can also create subfolders if you like.

Making voices

To make voices, you can enter the voice file names in the Voice column of the scenario sheet.

Entry in Sound sheet

Sounds other than voices must first be entered in the Sound sheet.
Specifying the labels set here will allow you to make sounds with supported sound files.

*Note: Please refer to Sound sheet reference for a detailed description.

Making sounds

You can make your sounds by specifying the label names set in the sound sheet.

Please refer to Sound command reference for details on each command.