Display backgrounds and event graphics

Next, let’s display backgrounds and event graphics.
Backgrounds and event graphics are both textures that are displayed across the whole screen. However, the difference lies in that backgrounds are displayed at the same time as the character in standing pose, whereas characters are not shown when displaying event graphics.

Import Texture Files

First, import the background and event graphic texture files into the Unity editor.
We have created some test files so feel free to use them.

Store the background textures under Resources/Project Name/Texture/Bg, and the event graphics under Resources/Project Name/Texture/Event.

Configure the Texture Sheet

In the Texture sheet, configure the texture files for the backgrounds and event graphics.
You can then refer to these configured labels to display the corresponding texture files.

Set the Scale to 0.5 only for the graphics for the Meeting event. This displays the image as half the size of the original texture.
(When displaying the images in full screen mode or on mobile devices, Utage may display the images as if they had been stretched when compared to the specified screen size. If you set the display to 0.5 of the large sized texture as shown here, even if the image were to become stretched in full screen, this will not cause the image to look distorted as it is using a clear image based on the original large size. However, please take care as large textures can also use up a lot of memory.)

Note*: Please refer to the Texture Sheet Reference for more detailed specifications.

Display Backgrounds

To display backgrounds, set the Bg command. To hide a background, use the BgOff command.

Once you have edited the scenario, try running it.

Display Event Graphics

To display event graphics, set the BgEvent command. To hide them, use the BgEventOff command.
In event mode, the standing pose images are not displayed. To display the standing pose images, use the Bg command to display the background.

Once you have edited the scenario, try running it.