Scenario Data (Excel File)

Settings Sheet

The configuration sheet handles all the common configuration settings across the whole game.
Please add your configuration settings here if you want to add texture files such as standing pose images and backgrounds, or sounds such as background music.

Detailed reference: Settings Sheet Reference

Scenario Sheet

The scenario sheet allows you to describe Utage’s main scenarios.

Detailed reference: Command Reference

Add a Scenario Sheet

You can add as many scenario sheets as long as they all have different names.
When playing an adventure game from the start, by default it begins by playing the scenario at the top of the Start sheet.

You can also have scenario sheets split across two or more Excel files. In this case, make sure that the second Excel file onward only contains scenario sheets so that they do not end up with a configuration sheet mixed in.
Advanced use > Write Scenarios Using Multiple Excel Files

About Changing the Columns

You can completely change the order of Utage’s Excel columns (vertical columns) if you wish. Just like with VoiceVersion, if you are definitely sure of a column that you will not need to use, then it can be deleted.
On the other hand, columns like “PageCtrl” did not exist in the scenario data of old versions of Utage, so you will need to add them in as necessary.

If you copy and paste a sample, this may cause inconsistencies. If the inconsistency is caused by some of the columns being present, not present, or in the wrong order, make sure to copy them in the order that matches the columns of your own scenario.

About Comment Rows

If you enter the two characters // at the front of the command row, this row becomes commented out. In addition, as this is an Excel file, you can also use them to attach comment data that you do not want to set inside the cells.

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