Frequently Asked Questions

Latest Version Patch


Notes on Updating Unity

I’m getting errors in Unity 5.2.1.

Update Utage to the latest version and## use Unity 5.2.1p3 ##.

Editing Excel Files

Updating the Excel files doesn’t change the game.

Check Excel files are not updating.

Can I use any software other than Excel?

You can use free software like OpenOffice as long as it can edit .xls files.
However, although Numbers in MacOSX can edit .xls files, a bug currently exists wherein sheet names are changed arbitrarily. Please do not use Numbers until this bug is fixed.


How do I update Utage?

It is usually best to download and import the latest version of Utage from the AssetStore.
If you run into an error, delete your Utage folder and try importing it again.


What is a license for? Also, are there team licenses?

Generally, Utage licenses are for one user. We do not offer team licenses.
Refer to the [AssetStore Terms of Use] ( for detailed terms and conditions.

Can I use Utage in game jams?

Yes, we actually love it when Utage is used in game jams.
Also, we understand it is difficult to strictly follow the one user per one license rule when working in a team for short periods like in a game jam, so as long as one member of the team has a license, Utage can be shared within the team.
If you are having trouble purchasing a license, have the game jam management staff contact us and send us your package files.
Although the package files you send us cannot be updated, you may use them afterwards including when publishing works created in the game jam on the Android or other stores after brush ups at a later date.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not currently offer a free trial version of Utage. We have tried to do so in the past, but updates and support required a surprising amount of work on our part.
We may offer a free trial again in the future without support and with less frequent updates.