Calls a subroutine to be executed.
Utage subroutines jump to specific scenario labels, and once those scenarios are processed, they then jump back to their original position.
Subroutines allow you to create somewhat fixed patterns that are called from here and there.


Command Description Arg1 Arg2 Arg3
JumpSubroutine Calls a subroutine to be executed Scenario label of the subroutine to jump to Conditional expression for triggering the jump.
If false, it does not jump.
Label to jump to after the subroutine is finished.
If not set, it returns back to its original position.


At the of the subroutine that the execution jumps to, you use EndSubroutine.
From within a subroutine, you can also call another subroutine.
If you do a save from inside a subroutine, and if the scenario that called the subroutine is changed, the execution may not be able to go back to the right position. However, this is not the case if the label of the return point is specified.

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