Displays a 3D model of a character.


Change the FileType on the Character Sheet to 3D

Basically all you need to do is change the FileType on the Character sheet to be 3D.
The Pattern has already been included as motion data, so it can be omitted.

Then, it can be displayed in the same way as a 2D character.

Important Notes

・You must configure some settings in advance, such as light settings, etc.
・If you want to display multiple characters, make sure they do not end up sinking into each other when they overlap.
The SortOrder on the Layer sheet affects the Z value, so make sure to adjust it so that the difference in SortOrder is large.
You can change the degree of influence that SortOrder has on the Z value by adjusting the value of SortOderToZUnits on the GraphicManager.

3D model displays are still in development, so please contact us via Q&A if you have requests, etc.