Used for making the story branch off when you click on an image, such as a character or sprite.



Command Description Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5 Arg6
SelectionClick Convert display objects into choices Scenario label to jump to Logical expression for enabling it.
If false, it is not enabled.
Calculation formula to be executed when selected. Object name Ignore clicks on transparent areas

Object Name

The basic method for using arguments Arg1 to Arg3 is the same as with the Selection command.
In Arg4, you set the character or sprite name to be clicked.

Ignore Clicks on Transparent Areas

Sets whether to “Ignore clicks on transparent areas” or “Use the texture squares as they are.”
Below you can see samples for each case. The green areas are the clickable areas.

Ignore clicks on transparent areas:

Use the texture squares as they are:

If empty, it is set to “Ignore clicks on transparent areas.” This constitutes a fairly heavy process in terms of performance, so if you want to prioritize performance, you should set it to false.This would then set it to “Use the texture squares as they are.”

When Using 3D Models

When using 3D models, it cannot “Ignore clicks on transparent areas” from Arg5, as it cannot determine the clickable areas based on the shape of the model. It determines clickable areas by using a rough box collider.
This method for determining the clickable area is extremely rough, so please determine the clickable areas by yourself and use AddComponent to add a box collider to the 3D model beforehand.
If you use a 3D model with a collider, the clickable areas are determined based on that collider.
If you want to determine a clickable area based on the shape of the 3D model, please set a MeshCollider beforehand in the 3D model prefab display.
However, please note that the MeshCollider is a fairly heavy process.