Text Display

If Command or Arg1 are left empty, and some text is entered in the Text column, it will simply display the text directly.



Data item name Description Type Handling process when empty
Command Must be empty
Arg1 Must be empty
Text Text to be displayed string Input required
PageCtrl Normally empty. Used when you want to process an action other than waiting for a click for the next page after the text has been displayed. See the table below for more details. enum If empty, it is set to 1 page = 1 text as normal.
Voice Voice filename string If empty, no voice is played.

For an example on how to use PageCtrl, please also refer to Sample: Use Utage to display a screen full of text -Run, Melos!-. 

PageCtrl Description
Input After waiting for input, execute the next command
InputBr After waiting for input and after a line feed, execute the next command
Next Execute the next command without waiting for input
Empty Wait for next page input

Please refer to separate pages for more details on how to uses texts and tags.
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