A sheet that allows you to use a table for setting the parameters to be used in the game.



Data item name Description
1st row Name Parameter name
2nd row Type Parameter type
3rd row FileType Type of file to be saved
4th row onward Key Parameter key

Add parameter names sideways on each column, and then add table keys downwards on each row.
Please note that the direction of the settings is opposite to the settings used in the usual Param sheet.

Parameter Viewer

While the game is running, you can display the parameters on the Parameter Viewer.

How to Write Variable Names

Variables can be accessed by using “ParamlTbl{parameter key}.parameter name”.


Create Tables with Different Names

In the samplegiven, we used the name ParamTbl{}. However, you can change this “ParamTbl” name and create a parameter table name of your choice.
However, please make sure to write {} at the end of the sheet name.

For example, you can create a StatusTbl{} sheet that will manage the character statuses.

You can then set “character name” as the parameter key and access the parameter name “hp” as follows:

StatusTbl[character name].hp 

You can also use it together with macros.