Settings for displaying backgrounds, event graphics, sprite graphics, etc.
Can configure not only textures, but also other file types such as 3D files.



Data item name Description Handling process when empty
Label Texture label Input requiredInput required
Type Type of texture. Enter one of the following depending on how you want to use it.
Bg: texture for backgrounds
Event: texture for event graphics
Sprite: texture for sprites
Input required
Pivot Setting for the image’s center position (center position)
If empty or blank, it is set to the center (equivalent to x=0.5f y=0.5f).
Scale Display magnification. If you want to set different magnifications for x and y, you can set it as “x=1.5 y=0.5” If empty, it is set to 1.
Conditional Conditional expression for display. Used when you want to change the display even for the same character name and pattern name, for example to set a different gender or clothing. You set a conditional expression for display by using the variables set in the Param sheet. If empty, it is displayed when no other conditional expressions are fulfilled.
FileName The path of the file to be used. Enter the relative path below the Bg, Sprite, or Event folder depending on the type. Supported extensions are bmp, jpg, and png. We recommend using jpg files if you are using images that do not use alpha channels such as backgrounds. This would reduce memory usage by 3/4. If the extension is omitted, it automatically reads in a jpg file for a Bg or Event, and a png file for a Sprite. Input required
FileType Specifies the file type. Used when you want to display images that are other than 2D. The basic functionality supports only 2D and 3D. You can display 3D images as long you are using Unity’s prefab images, so please feel free to use them.
Reference: 3D display
If you have created other extensions such as Live2D, you need to set them by yourself.
Reference: Try using Live2D with Utage
If empty, it is set to 2D.
Thumbnail Valid only for the Event type. The path of the thumbnail to be displayed for the CG recall in gallery mode. Enter the relative path below the thumbnail. Anything with the same name will become part of the same group for the CG recall. If blank, it is not registered as a CG recall.
CgCategolly Valid only for the Event type. The category name when doing a CG recall. Used when you want to group CG recalls per character. If not set, it does not classify them into categories.