This is the Utage manual.
This manual primarily outlines the concept behind Utage, its overall structure, the methods available for expanding its functionality, and the methods for using it in practice.
Please refer to the Tutorial and Reference for more information on the basics required for creating scenario data.

Utage Overview

Utage has been designed based on the concept of “allowing people to create visual novels easily”.
To create a basic visual novel, all you need to do is simply enter some text and some easy scenario commands in an Excel file.
You can save/load, and skip any pages already read without any special setup, and basic UI screens such as the gallery screen, and the configuration and backlog screens, are created automatically.

In addition, it also provides a range of extended functionality that can be used in combination with Unity.
It allows you to write not only visual novels, but also RPG conversation scenes. You can also use Unity’s 3D models and prefabs, and even display Live2D, and more, by using its extended functionality.