Change display patterns in message windows

This page provides a summary of how to change display patterns in message windows, as well as how to display multiple message windows.


Arrange Message Windows to be Used on Unity

Arrange all the message windows to be used under AdvEngine>UI>MessageWindowManager.
Copying existing message windows can make the creation process easier.
Please adjust their size and position manually. You may choose to delete the Backlog Button or Hide Window button as you wish.

Initial active statuses are reflected directly, so make sure to set the Active setting to ON for those windows that you want to use at startup time, while setting the rest of the windows to OFF.

Important Notes on Projects Created Using Utage 2.5.0 or Earlier

Projects created using Utage 2.5.0 or earlier do not have the MessageWindowManager.
When opening a scene, a dialog box will be displayed asking if you would like to upgrade to a newer version. Press ‘Yes’ to update to a new scene version.
This automatically creates the MessageWindowManager.

If the dialog box is not displayed, please close Unity first, restart it, and then open the scene again.

Change Message Windows

To change the message window to be displayed, set the name of the message window to be used in the WindowType column.

Similarly, you can also use the ChangeMessageWindow command to change the message window.

Use Multiple Message Windows

To display multiple message windows simultaneously, you can use the InitMessageWindow command by specifying the names of the message windows to be used in arguments Arg1 to Arg6.

First, text is displayed in the window specified in Arg1.
To change the window where the text is to be displayed, set the name of the message window in the WindowType column.
You can also do the same by using the ChangeMessageWindow command.

Use InitMessageWindow also to go back to displaying only one message window. You can just specify one message window in Arg1.

Important Notes on Message Window Operations

If you are using message window operations to change the size of a message window, you need to be aware of one important point.
When importing a scenario, it may not be able to accurately ‘Check if the text fits inside the message window.’
This is caused by the fact that it is unable to accurately identify which page is using which message window. So when you have changed a message window, and then skip a scenario label through a jump or similar, you need to set the message window once again at the jump destination so that it can accurately check if the text fits inside the message window.
There is no need to concern yourself with this if you do not know the size of the window.