Adv Engine

Controls the whole Adv engine.
To operate the Adv engine externally, you can access it via this component.
When doing customization, the main way of using it is to register events so the programs are called at the appropriate time.
If you require any additional events, please post your requests on Q&A.

Name Description
Layer Manager This is an old setting that is no longer used.
Graphic Manager
Effect Manager
Transition Manager
UI Manager
Sound Manager
These are generally set automatically. You should set it manually only if you want to use your a manager that you have created yourself.
Is Stop Sound On Start Stop the background music automatically when starting a scenario
Is Stop Sound On End Stop the background music automatically at the end of the scenario
On Pre Init Event called at initialization time
On Open Dialog Currently not used
On Page Text Change Event for when the page content is changed following the execution of a text display-related command.
It has similarities with the MessageWindowManager, so we recommend using that.
On Clear Event for when the AdvEngine has been cleared, such as at the start or end of a scenario.
On Change Language Event for when the language is changed.