New Project

This is a tool for creating new Utage projects.

Input New Project Name Enter the name of the new project to be created
Type Configures the type of project to be created. See further below for more details.
Width Screen size for the game to be created (width)
Height Screen size for the game to be created (height)
SecurityKey Make sure to configure the Encryption Key
to a character string of your choice.

Configure the project name and press the Create button to create a new project.
It then creates a folder with the same name as the project name, and the necessary assets are created inside this folder.


The assets and objects created vary depending on the Type set.

Create New Adv Scene Creates scenario assets, and also creates new scenes for the visual novel.
Add to Current Scene Adds a GameObject for playing scenarios to the current scene.
Configure this setting if you want to Use Utage for Conversation Scenes.
Create Scenario Asset Only Creates only scenario assets.