Scenario Data Builder

This is a tool for editing the Utage project configuration file (.project).
It is needed primarily for configuring the import settings of Excel files and resources.

In general, the project of the scene that is currently open is configured automatically. However, you can also configure the configuration file (.project) of already existing projects.

If the project configuration file (.project) has already been configured, it would be displayed like this:

Name Description
Project Scenario project currently being configured.
Excel List Excel files to be used for the build.
If the Excel files configured here are updated, the scenario assets are imported automatically.
Can Configure Multiple Excel Files
Import Imports the configured Excel files.
Custom Import Folders The import settings are automatically configured for the textures and sounds stored under the folders specified here.
Please remove the setting for this folder if you want to configure the import settings manually.

Convert Setting contain settings for Download Files from Old Type of Servers. Should generally not be used.

Name Description
Convert Setting Conversion settings. If the scenarios are set as downloaded content, the Excel files need to be converted to TSV. This configuration is used for this case.
Output Directory Output destination folder for the converted TSV files. They do not need to be stored under the Unity project, so this directory can be set to any location such as the MyDocuments folder.
Version Scenario file management version. Downloaded content uses cache file functionality, so when the scenario files are updated, you should make sure to increase the version number.
Auto Update Version When doing the conversion, automatically update the version number by adding +1 to the previous number.
Auto Convert On Import Also converts the files automatically when doing an import (when updating Excel files).
Convert Converts Excel files to TSV files.