Live2D Sample

What is Live2D?

Live2D is an amazing piece of technology that produces smooth and dynamic animation in 2D characters like that of 3D characters while still retaining their 2D charm, providing game creators the best of both worlds. Live2D supports Unity, so indie developers can use it for free.
Visit the official Live2D site at

You can use Live2D to display characters the same way as you normally would in Utage.

Live2D SDK
Sample UtageForLive2d

Playable Sample of WebGL Version

Live2D Demo

Video Example

Downloading Samples and Setting Up the Environment

You need the Live2D SDK and the ‘utage’ extension script included in the sample below in order to run the program.

Creating a Project

Create a new project in Unity and import Utage from the AssetStore.

Registering as a Live2D Developer and Downloading the SDK

  • Register at the Live2D website.
  • Download Live2d_SDK_Unity.
  • Note: For the current Unity 5.2 version, you must use Cubism SDK beta 2.1 for Unity. Download that version if this is the case for you.

Importing Live2D SDK

Drag and drop the ‘framework’,’lib’,’ReadMe.text’ in the Live2D SDK into the Unity project window.

Downloading and Importing Sample Projects

Download Live2D for Utage samples.

Double-click the downloaded package (or drag and drop into the Unity project window) and

to import the sample into the Unity project.

Running the Sample

Run the sample once you have finished setting it up.

The sample serves as demo as well as an introduction to a number of features.

Important Notes

  • Samples models may not be redistributed. Live2D sample models are used in accordance with Live2D’s guidelines. Live2D sample data included in these files are distributed with special license form Live2D Inc. Please apply to use the Live2D SDK through Live2D Inc.’s website.
  • Live2D model samples within these samples use Unity-Chan as provided by the Unity-Chan License. Please check the Character Use Guidelines when using these assets.
     Unity-Chan License


Please check the link bellow for more detailed information including guides on how to use the software.
Live2D Extension Reference