If you have updated the Excel file but the contents are not updated

Check Console Window (Window>Console)

If you get an error when importing files (after updating the Excel file), read the error messages and amend the Excel file accordingly.

If the console shows an output message that looks like “Import XXX,” it means that the import has worked correctly, so go to 2

If you have updated the Excel file but the console does not display anything, something must be wrong with the Excel file’s import configuration, so go to 3 or 4

Check that the Imported Scenario Data is Configured in AdvScenarioStarter

If you are creating multiple Utage projects, make sure that your project has not been configured with scenario data from another project.

Check Utage’s Project Settings

If you create a second Utage project, or if you try to use a project from another PC, the settings of the previous project will be lost.
Go to Tools>Utage>ScenarioDataBuilder on the top menu, and try configuring the project file that you want to use.

Instead of using Create, you can also use drag & drop or other similar functions to configure an existing project.
Reference:Scenario Data Builder

Check the Project Configuration in the Scene

Generally, the configuration in 3 is automatically switched when you open a scene that uses Utage.

Scenes created using Utage 2.4.3 or earlier do not have any project configurations, so please configure the “.project” asset in AdvEngineStarter>Editor>ScenarioDataProject.
If you configure this, when you change the scene, the scenario project will also be changed automatically. (This is irrelevant if you are only using one Utage project.)