Change Character Display for Changing Clothing, Gender, etc. During a Game

Rather than changing the display pattern for a character, such as their expression, etc. this method changes a character display completely.
It is used for when you want to change a character’s clothing or gender during a game, while using the same data and without having to create new scenario data per pattern.


Character Sheet’s Conditional Setting

To change a standing pose during a game, you set a display condition in the Conditional column of the Character sheet.

Important Notes

When changing a standing pose by using a parameter, make sure to remove the character first before redisplaying it again.
As you are using the same scenario data, even if the standing pose changes, it does not affect how it detects whether the page has already been read.
Please note that for any pages that have already been read, even if the standing pose is different from before, the already-read status remains the same.