Display character names


Batch Management of Character Names

Character names are basically used as they are by using the Arg1 settings.
However, you can also change the character names later on in one go.
If you enter a name in NameText on the Character sheet, that name becomes the character name that is actually displayed on screen.
During the development stage, you can enter code names like “Player” or “Heroine,” but then later on you can use NameText to change the names in one go. This functionality has been designed to allow you to manage names in this way.

Display a Character Name Temporarily Using a Different Name

To display a different name temporarily, such as for a character appearing for the first time, you specify:

Arg1 Arg2
Text with the name that you want to display <Character=character name>

Specifying the arguments as shown below also allow to set the pattern:

Arg1 Arg2
Text with the name that you want to display <Character=character name>pattern name

Change the Character Name During the Game

You can change the names to be displayed during the game, such as when displaying the name of each player, etc.
However, this needs to be done in conjunction with text tags and parameters.

If a character does not have a standing pose, Arg1 is displayed as it is; however, because you are allowed to use use text tags, you can use:


If you set it like this to display a parameter, then by changing the parameter (in this case test_name), you can change the name to be displayed.

In addition, because you can also use text tags in the NameText on the Character sheet, you can use:


If you set it like this, then by changing the player_name parameter, you can change the name of the character.

On the Character sheet, you can also set characters with no standing pose, so changing their names is done using the same principles as with characters with standing poses.
If you want to let the user make an arbitrary input, etc. you will need to create your own input screen UI on Unity, and from then you can write a program to change the parameter on Utage.
Reference: SendMessage Command