Displays a choice.
You can also set conditional expressions, so you can create a choice that is only displayed when a flag is set.



Command Description Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5 Arg6 Text
Selection Displays a choice Scenario label to jump to Conditional expression for display.
If false, it is not displayed.
Calculation formula to be executed if selected. Prefab name to be used X coordinate Y coordinate Text to be displayed for the choice.

Conditional Expression for Display

In Arg2, you can input a conditional expression for displaying a choice. It must be a logical expression (that returns a bool type). This functionality allows you to create a choice that is only displayed if a flag is set.
If Arg2 is empty, the choice is displayed without any condition.

Calculation Formula to be Executed if Selected

In Arg3, you can set a calculation formula to be executed when the choice is selected.
With this functionality, you can set a particular flag or increase/decrease a favorability rating.

Instead of using this, you can also implement the same functionality by using the [Param command] in the choice’s jump destination. However, this functionality is available as it is easier to write.

Change the Choice’s Prefab

You can also change the choice’s appearance pattern.
By specifying in Arg4 the prefab name for the choice you want to display, you can change the choice’s display pattern.

You will need to create and set the choice prefabs on Unity beforehand.

The default prefab is /Prefabs/UI/SelectionItem:

so the easiest way is for you to copy it (Ctrl + D) and then create it.

Change the Choice’s Position

Choices are normally displayed automatically in order on the center of the screen.
To change the position for displaying the choice, you set the X coordinate in Arg4, and the Y coordinate in Arg5.

Change the Layout Freely by Changing the Choice’s Prefab and Position

By specifying both the display pattern and position, you can display choices in a variety of ways.