Sound file settings.



Data item name Description Handling process when empty
Label Sound label Input required
Title Song title to display in the sound room If empty, it is not displayed n the sound room.
Type Sound type. Enter one of the following depending on how you want to use it.
Se: sound effects
Bgm: background music
Ambience: ambient music
If empty, it is not displayed in the sound room.
FileName The path of the file to be used. Enter the relative path below the Se, Bgm, or Ambience folder depending on the type. Supported extensions are wav, mp3, and off. If not set, it automatically reads in a wav file. Input required
Streaming Valid only when downloading. Specifies whether to do streaming playback or not. We recommend setting it to true to do streaming playback for large files such as BGM If empty, it is set to false.