Design Similar Processes Efficiently (Subroutines and Macros)

If you want to use similar processes repeatedly, we would recommend using Subroutines and Macros.


The sample below is for a fixed event to increase favorability.

** Write a Macro **

** Write a Fixed Event by Combining Subroutines and Macros **

With JumpSubroutine, you can use Arg2 to implement automatic branching, and Arg3 to specify the returning point. This allows you to call out different conversations depending on the level, and then return back to the original position.
In addition, you can also use macros to increase the number of points and display a fixed phrase.
By changing the formulas in the macros or the values of the macro arguments, you will soon be able to implement relatively complex functionality for increasing favorability.

Although this process may be slightly complex, once you master it you will be able to write scenarios very efficiently.
For more detailed information, please refer to Subroutines and Macros.